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Lottery software P34 LottoP34 Lotto is a windows lottery software program for playing digit lotto games - Pick 3 and Pick 4.
Like cracking a code, P34 Lotto does the math for you breaking the lottery game down to its basic components and their percentages of occurrence. Before the first ball has been drawn, P34 Lotto shows you the odds of each field to be drawn and like a sculptor uses filters to chip away the less likely combinations.
With it's filters and unique features like optimizing and research mode, P34 Lotto is the best tool for smart playing 'Daily pick' lotteries.

(January 1, 2009) - Maintenance release v2.02 - Lotteries added and updated

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(September 8, 2004) - Maintenance release v2.01

(July 29, 2004) - v2.0 - Major upgrade
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(July 5, 2004) - P34 Lotto v1.4

(March 5, 2004) - P34 Lotto v1.35
Tennessee Cash 3 added.

Lotteries in P34 Lotto lottery software
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Arizona Pick-3, California Pick-3 Evening, California Pick-3 Midday, Canada British Columbia Pick-3, Canada Ontario Pick-3, Canada Quebec Quotidienne 3, Canada Quebec Quotidienne 4, Canada Western Pick-3, Connecticut Midday-3, Connecticut Midday-4, Connecticut Pick-3, Connecticut Pick-4, DC Evening Pick-3, DC Evening Pick-4, DC Midday Pick-3, DC Midday Pick-4, Delaware Evening Pick-3, Delaware Evening Pick-4, Delaware Midday Pick-3, Delaware Midday Pick-4, Florida Pick-3, Florida Pick-4, Georgia Midday Pick-3, Georgia Midday Pick-4, Georgia Pick-3, Georgia Pick-4, Idaho Pick-3, Illinois Evening Pick-3, Illinois Evening Pick-4, Illinois Midday Pick-3, Illinois Midday Pick-4, Indiana Midday Pick-3, Indiana Midday Pick-4, Indiana Pick-3, Indiana Pick-4, Iowa Midday Pick-3, Iowa Midday Pick-4, Iowa Pick-3, Iowa Pick-4, Kansas Pick-3, Kentucky Midday Pick-3, Kentucky Midday Pick-4, Kentucky Pick-3, Kentucky Pick-4, Louisiana Pick-3, Louisiana Pick-4, Maine Tri-State Pick-3, Maine Tri-State Pick-4, Maryland Evening Pick-3, Maryland Evening Pick-4, Maryland Midday Pick-3, Maryland Midday Pick-4, Massachusetts Pick-4, Michigan Midday Pick-3, Michigan Midday Pick-4, Michigan Pick-3, Michigan Pick-4, Minnesota Pick-3, Missouri Pick-3, Missouri Pick-4, New Hampshire Midday 3, New Hampshire Midday 4, New Hampshire Tri-State Pick-3, New Hampshire Tri-State Pick-4, New Jersey Midday Pick-3, New Jersey Midday Pick-4, New Jersey Pick-3, New Jersey Pick-4, New Mexico Pick-3, New York Midday Pick-3, New York Midday Pick-4, New York Pick-3, New York Pick-4, Ohio Midday Pick-3, Ohio Midday Pick-4, Ohio Pick-3, Ohio Pick-4, Oregon Pick-4_10PM, Oregon Pick-4_1PM, Oregon Pick-4_4PM, Oregon Pick-4_7PM, Pennsylvania Midday Pick 3, Pennsylvania Midday Pick 4, Pennsylvania Pick-3, Pennsylvania Pick-4, Puerto Rico Pega-3, Puerto Rico Pega-4, Rhode Island Pick-4, South Carolina Midday Pick 3, South Carolina Midday Pick 4, South Carolina Pick-3, South Carolina Pick-4, Tennessee Cash 3, Texas Midday Pick-3, Texas Pick-3, Vermont Midday 3, Vermont Midday 3, Vermont Midday 4, Vermont Midday 4, Vermont Tri-State Pick-3, Vermont Tri-State Pick-4, Virginia Evening Pick-3, Virginia Evening Pick-4, Virginia Midday Pick-3, Virginia Midday Pick-4, Washington Pick-3, West Virginia Pick-3, West Virginia Pick-4, Wisconsin Pick-3, Wisconsin Pick-4.

Canada British Columbia Pick 3, Canada Ontario Pick 3, Canada Quebec Quotidienne 3, Canada Quebec Quotidienne 4, Canada Western Pick 3.

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